White Month PotLuck 2016

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New Years Party 2015

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Madison Table Tennis Club

We play at Madison Circus Space. With a large space, we are able to provide great conditions for every player that visits the club. Some of the amenities and facilities we have to offer include:

  • Soft wood flooring
  • Great lighting
  • Very high ceiling
  • 8 Tournament Quality Tables

o    5 Killerspin True Blue

o    3 Butterfly Centre 22

  • Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Robot
  • Pro Shop – Purchase a custom-made professional-grade racket suited to your playing style.
  • Water fountain and restrooms


Monday: 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Wednesday: 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

The club meets at Madison Circus Space. The address is 2100 Winnebago St.

Please note that times are subject to change. For the most up to date times, please contact us.

Come join us for some spirited Table Tennis! We always welcome new players.

First Time: Free!

After That: $5 per visit ($2 for students)

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Sonirhogchidiin shireenii tennisnii temtseen 2014 – Chicago

2014 onii 10 sariin 18nd Chicago hotnoo zohiogdson sonirhogchidiin shireenii tennisnii temtseend Wisconsin mujaas oroltsson Baasansuren maani erch huchtei sain togloj hurel medal avlaa. Baasansurendee WI-ii mongolchuudiin umnuus haluun bayar hurgej sportiin undur amjilt husie. Hugjuun demjiheer irsen Bilgee, James, Saraa, Jim nartaa bayarlalaa gesen Baasansurengiin haluun talarhaliig bas hurgie.

baska 1  baska 4 baska3 baska5 baska11 saraa bilgee tennis

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September 27, Saturday at 8:30 pm.
American Heritage Center
4626 N Knox Ave
Chicago, IL – 60630
Please, Wisconsinians contact Ganbat at 312 550 6365 (847 401 9283, 773 680 7052)

9 sariin 27 nii oroi 8:30aas Chicago hotod toglolt hiine.
American Heritage Center
4626 N Knox Ave
Chicago, IL – 60630
Wisconsinaas yavah humuus Ganbattai doorhi utsaar holbogdono uu? 312 550 6365 (847 401 9283, 773 680 7052)

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Children’s Day 2014

Welcome to Children’s Day Celebration.

Saturday, May 31st at 10 am.

Catherine Chevalier Forest Preserves Park 5530 N East River Rd, Chicago, IL 60656

It is an outdoor gathering more like a Naadam. There will be a various activities including; performances, games, gifts, contests and surprises that are aimed to entertain the children. Wisconsin parents are preparing 3 fun games for young children and teenagers. Parents will also bring their tents, a food and a drink for a picnic lunch.

We had approximately over 500 children for the event last year and expecting more this year.

If you have any questions welcome to call me at 920 712 5317 Sarah.

Mongolian Community Association of Wisconsin.


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Yalguusan hemeeh modon mori jiliin tsagaan sar

Amand tani amar mend byalhaj, atgand tani aziin durvun berh bagtaj

Ail hotlooroo ineed bayar hugjuun, amar saihan shinelev uu?

Yalguusan hemeeh modon mori jiliin sar shiniin mendiig urgun devshuulie!

White_Month_Madison_2014-119 White_Month_Madison_2014-103DSC02021 DSC02022 White_Month_Madison_2014-106 White_Month_Madison_2014-107 DSC02019 DSC02033 White_Month_Madison_2014-122 White_Month_Madison_2014-162 DSC02012 DSC02011 White_Month_Madison_2014-130  White_Month_Madison_2014-164 White_Month_Madison_2014-144 White_Month_Madison_2014-147 White_Month_Madison_2014-152 White_Month_Madison_2014-156 White_Month_Madison_2014-149 White_Month_Madison_2014-142 White_Month_Madison_2014-188 White_Month_Madison_2014-179  White_Month_Madison_2014-180 White_Month_Madison_2014-177 White_Month_Madison_2014-167 White_Month_Madison_2014-215 White_Month_Madison_2014-212White_Month_Madison_2014-115 White_Month_Madison_2014-173 White_Month_Madison_2014-183 White_Month_Madison_2014-186 White_Month_Madison_2014-218 White_Month_Madison_2014-227 White_Month_Madison_2014-206White_Month_Madison_2014-192wimongols 2014 calendarWhite_Month_Madison_2014-196      White_Month_Madison_2014-202 White_Month_Madison_2014-204      White_Month_Madison_2014-195

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